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Post by Rocksoft lounge Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:48 am


I'm the Admin of www.rocksoftlounge.com , a fellow forumotion site. I was just checking out some other forums. This site is good, but the members count are poor! Keep up the Great work, the members will come evunatually! Don't i know it! We have over 850 Members! One big tip from me, When times are low don't give up, carry on!

Big Tip, Make youtube videos and get on Google! We are on google and when you type in Rocksoft Lounge, where all the top hits and are logos are on the images. Make facebook pages! that will do well.

To get money in, become affilates with amazon ect... , we have made over £20 on this because we tell are members to use are link, and everytime they but something we get 5%-10%. Some guy is about to buy a television, which is good!

Make HTML Pages, saying about us, Staff ect... , This makes youre site more atcractive to members and adds depth to your site. Try to broaden youre horizens by making other topics apart from football, video games.

You have got a good Logo, that is key to make them join up.

Buy youre own domian name, this boost youre proffesional look.

Keep up the great work!


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