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Post by DeJesus5 Mon May 19, 2008 5:02 pm

A.S. Roma

A.S. Roma info 150px-AS_Roma

Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly referred to as simply Roma or the abbreviation AS Roma, is an Italian professional football club from Rome. Founded by a merger in 1927, Roma have participated at the top-tier of Italian football for all of their existence apart from one season. For their 56th season in a row, Roma are competing in Serie A for 2007–08.

Roma have won Serie A three times, first in 1941–42 then again in 1982–83 and 2000–01. As well as winning eight Coppa Italia trophies; on the European stage Roma won an Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960–61, but have had come close to success finishing as runners-up in the European Cup in 1983–84 and the UEFA Cup in 1990–91.

Home games are played at the Stadio Olimpico, a stadium they share with rivals SS Lazio. With a capacity of over 72,698 it is the second largest of its kind in Italy, only the San Siro is bigger. Currently AS Roma are the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana holders in Italian football.


Associazione Sportiva Roma was founded in the summer of 1927 by Italo Foschi, who initiated the merger of three older Italian Football Championship clubs from the city of Rome; Roman, Alba-Audace and Fortitudo. The purpose of the merger was to give the Eternal City a strong club to rival that of the more dominant Northern Italian clubs of the time. The only major Roman club to resist the merger was Lazio who were already a well established sporting society.

The club played its earliest seasons at the Motovelodromo Appio stadium, before settling in the working-class streets of Testaccio, where it built an all-wooden ground Campo Testaccio; this was opened in November 1929. An early season in which Roma made a large mark was the 1930–31 championship, the club finished as runners-up behind Juventus. Captain Attilio Ferraris along with Guido Masetti, Fulvio Bernardini and Rodolfo Volk were highly important players during this period.


A.S. Roma info Stadio_olimpico

Stadio Olimpico, located on the Foro Italico, is the major stadium of Rome, Italy. It is the home of both A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio, as well as of the Italian national football team. It was built in 1936 and has a capacity of 72,698. It was the site of the 1960 Summer Olympics, but has also served as the location of the 1987 World Athletics Championships and the 1990 FIFA World Cup. It will also be hosting the UEFA Champions League Final in 2009.

Also on the Foro Italico lies the Stadio dei Marmi, or "marble stadium", which was built in 1932 and designed by Enrico Del Debbio. It boasts enormous tiers topped by 60 white marble statues that were gifts from Italian cities in commemoration of 60 athletes.


National titles
Serie A:
Champions (3): 1941–42; 1982–83; 2000–01
Runners-up (11): 1930–31; 1935–36; 1954–55; 1980–81; 1983–84; 1985–86; 2001–02; 2003–04; 2005–06; 2006–07; 2007–08

Coppa Italia:
Winners (8 ): 1963–64; 1968–69; 1979–80; 1980–81; 1983–84; 1985–86; 1990–91; 2006–07
Runners-up (6): 1936–37; 1940–41; 1992–93; 2002–03; 2004–05; 2005–06

Supercoppa Italiana:
Winners (2): 2001; 2007
Runners-up (2): 1991; 2006

Serie B:
Winners (1): 1951–52

European titles
European Cup / UEFA Champions League:
Runners-up (1): 1983–84

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup:
Winners (1): 1960–61

Runners-up (1): 1990–91

Anglo-Italian Cup:
Winners (1): 1971–72

Anglo-Italian League Cup:
Runners-up (1): 1969

Youth titles
Campionato Nazionale Primavera:
Winner (6): 1972–73; 1973–74; 1977–78; 1983–84; 1989–90; 2004–05

Coppa Italia Primavera:
Winner (3): 1973–74; 1974–75; 1993–94

Torneo di Viareggio:
Winner (3): 1981; 1983; 1991
Runners-up (7): 1950; 1957; 1978; 1985; 1989; 1992; 2007

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